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Rejection When You're Doing Well: Can We Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice?

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Sometimes we find our closest tribe of people when we find those who support us in our struggles. Perhaps they have the same struggle and they resonate with our difficulties. They encourage us to keep going or try again. They help us know we are not alone in the struggle. That resonance with and support of the group is so inspiring.

The irony can be that if, by chance, we start to enter a season when we are doing better, the people who rallyed around us when we struggled may not be very happy for us when we're doing well. I guess that makes sense, doesn't it? The tribe was one who resonated with our struggle, but it is much more difficult to feel good for us if we cease to have the same struggle. The problem is that we then find ourselves having overcome something for a season only to be more alone.

Can we be as good at "rejoicing with those who rejoice" as we are at "mourning with those who mourn?" In my own life, I had to really do some soul searching when people I knew had kids who were thriving while mine own struggled. I thought, "If I can't rejoice when others rejoice," my life will be so much smaller than it could be. I don't want to punish people for doing well, and I don't want my whole identity and life connections to revolve around struggle.

Can we be a people who rejoice with those who rejoice as ENTHUSIASTICALLY as we mourn with those who mourn? #callforgrowth #ittakesavillage #becomingawellroundedtribe

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