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Celebrating You on World Autism Day

I see you in your hiding place, one eye peeking around the curtain. I hear you when you are an earthquake, shaking the ground with intensity. I notice when you freeze, unable to express your needs and feelings. Each individual on the spectrum navigates the world in unique ways, and the journey through these experiences can feel chaotic and confusing. Autistic individuals and their families become quickly isolated and misunderstood. The motivation that inspires me is the path I've taken with my son. It's been a rocky, inspiring, exhausting, amazing, confusing, and gratifying journey. I'll never be the same. When I speak, it' s to validate your journey, to declare that you are important. I'm here to bring you hope, to amaze you, to offer you "ah-hah" moments. My wish for you is community and connection. On this World Autism Day, I invite you to join the new, free online community forum on my webpage. Designed with you in mind, the members' community is a place to exchange struggles and successes with others on a similar path. I will also be developing a growing library of content exclusively for members of the free online community.

Blessings on the journey, Theresa

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