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This easy to use book is designed to improve your understanding of autistic behaviors, provide you with a foundation for structuring behavior change, and guide you through the development of strategies for improved behavior and wellness.

Whether you are an individual in the spectrum, a parent, caregiver, teacher, or clinician, this book will help you work toward positive behavior change for ASD individuals of ANY age. 

A one of a kind resource designed to improve the correct diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in adults. The book is filled with clinical stories that bring to life the concepts discussed. Strategy-based interventions are reviewed to address issues of personal and household management, medical care, communication, sensory processing symptoms, and emotional and behavioral regulation.

Award Finalist in the "Health: Aging/50+" category of the 2017 Best Book Awards

Soul Cries is a book of 155 devotions written for anyone praying into the life of an exceptional child. Each devotional soul cry begins with a scripture verse follows by inspirational text. The end of each devotion includes questions for thought, journaling, or discussion.

2013 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist