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Become Empowered by Learning About Executive Function

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

The more I have come to understand executive function, the more empowered I feel to help myself and others understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Executive function is a term used for multiple features impacted by the center and front of the brain. Various people may describe different sub-skills in executive function, but many would include the following skills: organization, attention to detail, time management, starting a task, sequencing (navigating multiple steps to complete one task), finishing tasks, emotional and behavioral regulation (staying calm and even), flexibility, planning, and prioritization.

I know! It's a huge concept.

The reason it's called executive function is that these skills help us "bring together" all our other thinking skills (just as an executive might oversee departments and employees in a business). I like to think of executive function as the symphony conductor. Even if all the instruments are working well (in this case, brain areas), without a competent conductor the music and rhythm is disjointed.

I am so empowered by understanding executive function that I believe that every human should read a book on executive function!

My favorite series (perhaps because I read this series early in my explorations) is the Smart but Scattered series by Dawson and Guare. This being said, there are MANY good books and conceptualizations of executive function. There are books in this particular series for many different age ranges and contexts (e.g., home, school, relationships, work).

EVERYONE on the autism spectrum will have more difficulty with executive function than those outside the spectrum. Want to learn more about executive function? Consider checking out a book from the library or listening to an audiobook to increase your knowledge!

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